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Where have you been so far? We prepared nice and fresh adult comics gallery for you. A waitress begins her job at a local café. Her first day on the job, she is caught not wearing the proper uniform. Her boss instructed her that she needs to be wearing the uniform and that she could change in the back room. When she put it on, she couldn`t help but notice that the skirt was rather short. As she performed her job duties, her panties were noticeably visible and turned the store owner on! He couldn`t resist the temptation of fingering her pussy. He offered her more wage if she would masturbate for him with a thick and long loaf of bread. Not wanting to turn down the money, she agreed. She shoved the large bread inside her tight cunt as far as she could and started to please herself with it. The bread then got served to a customer by mistake, and the customer loved the taste of the bread so much that he wanted more!

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