Delivery man punishment

delivery men punishment comics

A very angry administrative boss rings the two delivery men, they are late on some hours. This two men are really sorry about that, they say they are on the way already. During their way they think about an excuse, anyway one of the delivery man knows how to manage women and says to the other delivery guy not to care about this case. When they approaches the furious female boss he requests her a glass of fresh water. She answers with rough notes. This time the boss’s assistant , another woman is sad about action her boss and she gets anyway some water for the delivery man. She gets him some water and apologies for her boss’s rude attitude towards these delivery men. When she gives him the glass of fresh water he feels how gentle and smooth her skin touching her hand. He begins thinking what else on her sexy body is gentle and smooth.

To know how this toon porn story ends, JOIN what happens on the sofa the delivery men brought.

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