Female writer gains the powers, now she fucks even in towers

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How about some adult comic strips? A female writer was hired to do proofreading for some comic writers. She worked long hours and seven days a week. She was tired of proofreading comics; she had her own dreams, her own Super Hero fantasies! As she was walking down the street one night, he tried to think of what Super Hero powers she could possibly have. She walked into a bar and found herself surrounded by only men. Her first thought was that she felt out of place, but after a few drinks, she felt right at home! The next thing she knew, she was on top of a pool table sucking a cock of a patron in the bar. She sucked and fucked several guys at the bar, and then she found it! She found her Super Hero powers; she was Super Slut! She could make guys come like they have never came before! Wearing on high heels and a mask, she was ready to use her powers on the men that were in need of it!

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